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Washing Viaduct Events Centre

Dust, grime, bird droppings and cobwebs not only make a building look unprofessional, over the long term it could cause deterioration of paint work and other building materials, which can be costly to fix.

Our building wash down Auckland service provides you with a range of options, depending on the size, material and paintwork of your building. We can do a low-pressure, delicate wash using environmentally-friendly cleaning products, or a high-pressure chemical clean for those tougher jobs, as well as anything in between. We’re fully committed to the environment and have processes in place to minimise wastewater run-offs.

Regular or one-off wash? That’s up to you. And yes, we do pre- and post-construction washes too.

Auckland Town Hall

Washing Auckland Town Hall

Washing Auckland Town Hall 2


Building Wash